Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I took this picture from a website that the owner was kind enough to make me aware of and I chose this picture of Saint Peter receiving the keys to illustrate this post for a couple of reasons. My middle name is Peter and I share many of his faults. I can be incredibly thickheaded and short-tempered, and have denied God more than three times.
So why receiving the keys? We all receive a set of keys, seven of them in fact. No, I am not referring to the keys to the kingdom that were given Saint Peter, but the seven sacraments. They are available to all of us and help us to grow closer to God

Monday, November 5, 2012

Election Prayer

Please go out and vote tomorrow and please pray for the Holy Spirit to Guide your vote and that:

God will you guide whoever is elected. I firmly hope that whoever wins that his victory will not divide this country further and he will be a leader that will pray for your guidance to show him how and where he should lead this country and this country will acknowledge your rule over it and truly become a shining city on the hill that it should be for all mankind.


Monday, July 30, 2012

The Americanist Heresy

I found this to be a very interesting video in that I have heard quite a bit about the Americanist Heresy in the last couple of weeks and am about to sit down and read a papal encyclical on the subject and will probably have more to say but first must comment on all the fuss raised by a small group of Sunday School teachers in the Diocese of Arlington, Virginia asked to sign an Oath Of Fidelity to the teachings of the Church. I searched and found a pdf of the oath and find nothing in it that is even slightly controversial or even authoritarian in nature that would justify the Washington Post running a picture of the German Bishops along with several German Army Officers giving the Nazi salute. Although I feel that the German Bishops may have made a few mistakes in how they dealt with Hitler, it does not mean that they lost the ability to speak on matters of church teaching and or faith and morals. It also does not mean that the Bishops of today no longer have that right, We are all sinners and most of the Holy Priests I know have been acutely aware of the fact they were sinners, and this made them better priests, and I would bet that the same is true for Bishops.

The encyclical that I read was Testem Benevolentiae and although I don't know much about the situation at the time it describes the situation today perfectly. Many in the church today and that included myself felt that we knew better than the institional church what God wants and our own conscience was a better guide than the teachings of the church as passed down through the centuries. I have only just begun struggling with overcoming this flaw and it took me many years to admit that it was a flaw in my faith life, until I did it made it impossible to progress in my faith life beyond  it being a weak and unimportant part of my life. I read alot of books on theology and had a knowledge about the faith but it didn't touch my heart.

I was diagnosed just over a year ago with a spinal tumor and have to admit that one of the things that got me through the last few months was all the prayers that everyone kept telling me that they were saying for me. I just have to learn to get my faith out of my head and into my heart, Dear Readers, please continue to pray for me and I will pray for you as well.

Monday, July 9, 2012

I Am Annoyed!

I am annoyed because of an article written by Fr. Dwight Longenecker which you can read for yourself here. He talks about how Catholicism is not a religion ripped off from Paganism but that even in Paganism part of the truth of Catholicism may be found. Why does this annoy me you ask? Because I am tired of reading things that I should have been told in CCD classes thirty or forty years ago now and learning them for the first time at the age of fifty-three. I am not the most well educated person in terms of philosophy or theology and will admit that much of what I read has to be read several times to sink in my thick skull. But he is very good at making things simple, which is one of the reasons I like reading his columns. I however am getting very tired of learning simple truths about my faith that I am only finding out about because I have time to read and study my faith for the first time in my life due to being disabled and stuck at home with not much else to due but read and surf the internet. I just wish that I could do a better job of sharing what I learn and will try through this blog to hopefully help someone else discover what they to have been missing.

Monday, June 18, 2012

A Gem Of A Video

I found this video over on a blog I have been reading lately and wanted to share it with the few readers that might see it on my blog. It speaks of two topics that have always intrigued me, Vatican II and the concept of active participation by the laity. I have just recently purchased a book that contains all the major documents that came out of the council and look forward to reading it and hopefully growing in my faith because of it. I have had some personal trials over the last few months and have once again found that practicing my faith has helped me greatly in dealing with what I have been going through. But that is a topic for another day!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Georgetown Scandal

That a "catholic" institution should invite the Health and Human Services Secretary to speak at a commencement is an outrage and one that I cannot let go unanswered. President DeGioia, please withdraw this invitation and choose someone more appropriate than  Secretary Kathleen Sebelius. There are too many good faithful Catholic speakers that would be far more appropriate and deserve the honor of speaking at the commencement of the School Of Public Policy at Georgetown. Those of you that agree with me please click on the link above and sign the petition that will be sent to President DeGoia to ask him to withdraw the invitation to Secretary Sebelius and instead invite a good faithful Catholic that doesn't refuse to obey or recognize the teachings of the church she supposedly is a member of, not that you can tell by the mandate she has written and has refused to honestly try and recognize the right of conscience or even the right to life taught by the Catholic Church. Please pray for both of them and this humble blogger so that all of us may become more faithful to the teachings of the Church and have them form how we treat and think about others as well.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Religious Freedom

I have just read the USCCB statement on Religious Liberty and felt compelled to post on the subject. I have seen over the last few years a slow erosion of our rights to bring religion into the public square. It appears to me to have accelerated greatly since the beginning of the Obama administration. Perhaps it was less noticeable during the Bush administration because we had so many other things such as the Patriot Act to focus on, we simply didn't notice it was happening. The recent acts such as the HHS mandate or the recent attempt at weakening the ministerial exception by the EEOC show a disturbing trend of anti religious bias by our federal government. Our Constitution and Bill  of Rights must be defended or we shall lose our rights to an ever expanding government that in trying to take care of us from cradle to grave renders us powerless over our own lives.